I Can Still Do That

8 blue fabrics folded in long rectangles on an ironing board
These 8 blue fabrics are to become something that makes me smile

Before I lost most of my sight I was a crafter. I dabbled in various different crafts most of which I found more frustrating than relaxing when my sight deteriorated so badly. I put all my crafting on pause while I waited for the hospital appointment my optician recommended certain there wouldn’t be a problem and that new specs were all I needed. (For more on that journey read my first post https://wasthatadinosaur.wordpress.com/blog-feed/ ) For the first 9 months I was mostly concentrating on learning skills I needed to live but I needed a crafting outlet so got out my sewing machine put layers of low tack tape on the machine bed to make a guide for sewing my seams straight and started playing with scraps of found fabric (found fabric is what I call the bits I culled from old clothes or bedding. The shirt with an irreparable ripped sleeve contains a lot of useable fabric). Then some friends saw my play pieces and sewing machine and asked if I could help them with some sewing tasks so I taught them how to sew a very simple skirt and lengthened a couple of dresses. These successes made me get out some dies and a cutting machine made by Accuquilt and practice some simple piecing (again with found fabric).

Hey I CAN do this. The combination of the tactile nature of fabric and being able to feel where to sew because of the tape guide on my machine bed meant I had found a craft that wasn’t frustrating me. Then on a whim I grabbed some hexagons I’d prepared to see if I could hand sew them by feel. YES! I was back in business

Fabric hexagons in various colours  sewn together
Fabric hexagons sewn together

Sewing again

I started off by sewing large pieces. Including a project I had started over a year before (just before my hospital appointment I’d used a die to cut pieces for a quilt. That sat waiting for me to continue until May 2019). I sewed the quilt top together

A quilt top fresh off the sewing pinned to my curtains  so I could take a photo . The sun shining through makes it look like stained glass
The quilt top fresh of the sewing machine

It is currently waiting to be sandwiched and quilted being so big I want to practice more on smaller projects before I give this beauty a go. There’s no hurry.

What’s currently making me smile

I finally got brave enough to sew small pieces and finding a bare expanse of door boring when I took my Christmas wreath down made this.

Blue and white mini quilt.  It looks like a white snowflake on a blue pieced background.
A mini quilt to brighten my door

This mini quilt has 108 pieces. The squares were cut at 2 inches so finish at 1.5 inches in the quilt. I made a few errors while making it, most of which I corrected. I’ll learn from my errors but the best thing is I know I can do it and where I need more practice- HUZZAH!

Photo with a red circle around the tip of the shape I’d cut a corner off of.

This is one error I shouldn’t make again. What a facepalm moment to cut a corner off while I was separating the pieces I chain pieced (sewing one piece after another without breaking thread in between)

Various pieces sewn  together with there partner piece put in order on a clear plastic box lid in the correct orientation for sewing
The pieces that came through unscathed from the chain separation
Close up of bottom left corner where I’d sewn one triangle so it’s wrong side is out. It’s barely noticeable as the light blue print on the white background  is barely lighter than the right side of the fabric .
The error I left in

Check out that paisley and “white” unit made of two triangles can you spot the error? Take another look at the “white” triangle. Yes that’s the back of the fabric… oops!

This mini quilt was made with one block from this pattern https://www.accuquilt.com/go-qube-12-snow-crystals-quilt-pattern.html

I used the 6 inch Qube

I’ve still got to finish the quilting on it once I decided the best way to do it. I’m currently considering outlining the Snowflake to emphasis it. Because it’s only 14 inches square it won’t need much more quilting than that.

Never give up without trying

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I’m recently blind (diagnosed September 2016) but still love sewing and walking. Technology is becoming very useful to me

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