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The Hable One and my iPhone 8 are sitting on top of some pink floral fabric because there wasn’t enough contrast to the black table.
The Hable One is slightly shorter, and narrower than my iPhone.  It’s deeper than my iPhone (2 iPhones piled up would be just about the same thickness)
My Hable One charging with my iPhone 8 for scale.

My Hable One arrived this morning. I ordered it on Boxing Day (26th December). I had a little “play” before putting it on to charge and was surprised how much easier I found using it than the inbuilt Braille keyboard on the touchscreen of my iPhone.

Screenshots:- Top left my initial try “Abcgd bad cab”. Top right I continued and somehow wrote “and” then I wrote “Abcd” which is highlighted on the screenshot and got changed to “AVC’s” by autocorrect (bottom left). Bottom right is the logo of the app I made this collage from (Pic Collage as text and a multicoloured camera shaped icon).

My impressions so far.

The box is sturdy enough to protect the Hable One in transit and the lid is as elegant to look at as any black box with a company logo and byline (Always in control) in light grey, and a barely discernible dark grey image of 5 and a bit of its round buttons.

Top of the box as described in the paragraph above.

On its bottom it has a printed label with contact information, serial number, recycling information, and bar code.

Bottom of the box as described in the paragraph above.

Yes there’s a but…

This is a totally smooth box. Where’s the braille information?

Okay for me that would be no help right now as I’m only just learning but if the company can add a printed paper label then, in my opinion having braille either on a label or as part of the construction design should have been implemented.

Opening the box was again a visual delight of having the tagline “Always in control” printed on the lid. And the red cardboard insert (I admit love the contrast in my blurry world). And the safety information in a printed booklet in multiple languages.

The Hable One was in the lane cutout section in the red cardboard, with the power cord, and wrist strap in the narrow section above. The lid has a magnetic catch to hold it securely.

The open box as described above.

Is the lack of braille a dealbreaker. No. But considering who would be buying this item it is a significant oversight by the company in my opinion.

Anyway my excitement is overflowing at having such a tactile way to interact with my iPhone and iPad while using voice over. So far how I hold the Hable One is easier on my hands than screen away mode, typing is easier, and having physical buttons is helping me connect the dots to the letters, and it’s easier to feel which fingers I am using.

Well hopefully I’m charged up enough to play a bit more with my A,B,C,Ds. You never know I may add a few more letters before my braille lessons start on the 11th.


Published by lynnenicholson

I’m recently blind (diagnosed September 2016) but still love sewing and walking. Technology is becoming very useful to me

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